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Hijama(Cupping) therapy

The cupping is a type of alternative therapy. Cups are placed on the skin to create suction. Aspiration can help improve blood flow healing.Proponents also claim that suction facilitates the flow of “qi” through the body. Qi is a Chinese word for life force.Many Taoists believe that suction cups help balance yin and yang, or negative and positive, in the body. Restoring the balance between these two extremes is believed to promote the body’s resistance to pathogens, as well as its ability to increase blood flow and relieve pain.The suction cup increases blood flow to the area where the suction cups are placed. It can relieve muscle tension, which can improve overall blood circulation and promote cell repair. It can also help build new connective tissue and create new blood vessels in the tissues.People use cupping to supplement their care for a wide variety of problems and conditions.


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Type of Cupping Therapy

(1) Dry Cupping

(2) Wet Cupping


What is Dry Cupping?

The dry cup is a therapeutic technique that we use clinically in conjunction with other practical therapies. In its simplest description, the suction cup draws blood from the intramuscular tissue to the layers of the skin, allowing for healing.The cuts come in many different sizes and shapes to avoid our bony landmarks, such as the spine, shoulder blades, and knee joints. It is used to stretch the fascia (the sausage skin of our body) and muscle tissue. With age, muscle breakdown and adhesions in the fascia increase, so cupping therapy can be used to keep these structures mobile and healthy.


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What is Wet Cupping?(Hijama)

The hijama is an ancient bloodletting technique used in many parts of the Middle East, China, and Europe. Specifically, this traditional technique is used in the Middle East on the advice of the greatest prophet of Islam.

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Blood circulation:-  This therapy improves blood circulation in the body. There is also a lot of relief in the places where the suction cups are made.
Make the skin beautiful: Hijama(Cupping) therapy is very beneficial for the skin. It also eliminates acne and pimple problems. Due to the good blood circulation, the skin also becomes radiant.Body detoxification: many types of dirt accumulate in the body. Hijama(Cupping) therapy detoxifies the body by removing impure blood.

Effective for anti-aging :- The therapy cleanses the interior, which is very beneficial for excellent anti-aging. This therapy also repairs the skin. By taking this therapy constantly, the skin becomes very firm and beautiful.Stress Relief Therapy: With this therapy, the body relieves stress. In the professional cupping session, in addition to blowing and massaging the muscles of the whole body, it also soothes your brain.

Keep Attention:-  Before Hijama(Cupping) therapy, determine whether the therapy you are receiving is professional or not. In order to perform this therapy, it is sometimes necessary to know exactly certain acupressure points on the body. Making someone reckless or unprofessional can be more painful and ineffective for you. If fire therapy is not professionalized, your skin can burn too. Also ask someone who understands the scheduled time for therapy.

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The hijama is the best treatment for many diseases. Dr. Madhusudan is very good and has experience with the hijama. Very well done hijama, no hurry. I had a treatment for baldness and baldness and got a very positive result. Win again here.


Thank you dr.kamal Raheja for my skin problem disease . I had face skin problem in 10 month. My friend refer me Arogya clinic . I met Dr. Kamal sir. He listen my problem with patience and started my treatment . now I am very well.

Thank You Sir.


I am suffering from joint pain many year.I am 45 year old. I had taken a appointment with Dr.Madhu sudan and I met Dr.Madhu sudan. He listent to my Joint pain Problem. He started joint pain treatment with Hijama Therapy.To day I am very well.

Thank You Dr.Madhu sudan Sir